What is the Coal Policy Tool?

  • It counts, compares and rates the coal policies adopted by banks, (re)insurers, asset owners and asset managers.
  • It enables clients, media, financial institutions and other stakeholders to easily navigate the coal policy jungle.
  • It aims at ensuring high quality coal policies that effectively contribute to keep global warming below 1.5°C.

Please note that due to a methodological review in April 2023, the number of financial institutions assessed has been reduced. This may explain some discrepancies with previous statistics, particularly in terms of the number of policies assessed. See “Methodology” for more details.

The Coal Policy Tool is updated on a continuous basis. Last policy update: 18 July 2023 with Abeille Assurances.

Play with the filters to select the financial institutions of your choice and easily compare them.

This financial institution has one of the best practices with the adoption of a robust coal phase-out policy.

This financial institution has informed Reclaim Finance that it is working on a new policy which is expected to be published soon.

NA The criteria does not apply to this type of financial institution.

Reclaim Finance could not give a definite score and have contacted the financial institution for clarification.

The analysis grid

Read more about the methodology and the rationale behind each of the 5 criteria.

All financial institutions were contacted and had an opportunity to comment on their ratings before publication.

Did you identify a mistake? A financial player is missing? Feel free to contact us: contact@coalpolicytool.org.

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